Friday, September 7, 2007

Last run

So, my master plan for race week did not come about exactly as i wanted. I was already off a day, and then Wednesday I unfortunately had to attend a wake, and that eliminated my run for that day. I ran 3.7 Thursday, totally pain-free, and i'm going to walk 2.5 Friday and do a little yoga to loosen up my legs. Then I'm going to take Saturday off, and hopefully be ready for Sunday. Not much running this week, I hope all the rest-time doesn't do more harm than good.

Tomorrow I have to venture into the city WITH my children to pick up my race packet. Well, that just sucks some big ass. I usually have a good handful of sitter options, but they all fell through for tomorrow. I'm not throwing two little kids and a stroller on the Metra, so that leaves driving (which I hate). Driving results in the required "paying for parking" (which I hate more). And i guarantee my kids are going to NOT like being at a boring, crowded race expo, and will let me know, repeatedly, for the entire trip.

I need to start organizing my steady stream of bribery to get us through the process. Thank God i just bought Oreos.


Delane said...

Your going to ROCK this weekend!! Good luck

Tammy said...

GL at braving the expo with the kiddos!

You are going to do great on Sunday!
You have done the training, you are prepared for this race, enjoy the run and the comradery.
(wow, I probably just butchered the spelling of that word)

Amy said...


from your cheering section.

Viv said...

Noelle, sending u luck with the kids at the expo.

Your going to be fantastic with this 1/2. You have been training your butt off. Try to get some rest and Run Noelle Run!