Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My longest to date

Yesterday I ran 11 miles. That's the longest I've ever run. I didn't die. I think that's a good sign.

IT'S RACE WEEK!!! Here we go. I've been training all summer, and I feel very prepared, but I can't deny the butterflies. During yesterday's run, I felt good in my last mile, but I couldn't help but think: will I be able to do 2 more after this? Oh, and "good" is of course open to interpretation. By saying I felt "good" I really meant my knee was achy and my legs felt like lead weights, but I could have continued. I didn't HAVE to stop when it was over. I welcomed the end, but didn't collapse. Miles 6-8 were the toughest. I'll have to tell Joe to hang out where i can see him around the mile 8 marker. I may need the mental boost of seeing him.

Since I did Sunday's run on Monday, here's my plan for this week:
Wed--4 mi
Fri-- very slow, easy 2 mi (?)
Sat--DOR + a trough of pasta at Carmine's...mmmm
Sun--kick some ass!

According to Uncle Hal, I'm supposed to take Friday off too, but I don't think I will. The weeks I've had one day between runs, I've done better on all of them. This week I had a lot of rest, thanks to Labor day festivities fucking with my schedule, and I think my long run suffered. My time was fine, but I wasn't feeling as strong, and my concentration was scattered. Based on that, I'm going to plan a Friday run, but if I'm really not feeling it that day, I'll DOR.

Time is not really my biggest concern for the race. Since it's my first, I have no basis for comparison. I just want my first half under my belt.


Amy said...

Awesome Job!

Viv said...

Noelle, I am super excited for you! Your going to do wonderful..I will be looking to ur blog all about it.

Teresa said...

Noelle, you're going to do great. You'll go faster and feel better than you think you will. There's nothing like going out for a nice run with thousands of your closest friends. Just focus on holding back a little at the start because it's so easy to get caught up in the herd. And above all else, have FUN!

And congrats on completing your longest distance ever! That's such a great feeling!

Karen said...

Noelle I'm so excited to hear the ract goes. You'll do great.